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Ford Geared Up For Terras Comeback

Wednesday, 02 April 2014
Striker Mark Ford is chomping at the bit to get back into action for Weymouth, after recovering from a triple-break in his foot. 
Halesowen Town boss John Hill thinks title rivals Leek Town have been handed an unfair advantage after league officials decided against hitting them with a points penalty. 
Mark Shaw says the people of Worksop can be the 12th man for Tigers, as they attempt to get their claws into an Evo-Stik Northern Premier League title. 
Barnet head physiotherapist Peter Friar has left the club after 18 months with the Bees. 
Creating schedules, building player lists, tracking statistics, teaching skills and drills, sharing pictures, collecting money...and of course, who the heck is bringing snacks to the next game? 
Does this sound familiar? Coaching, managing, or even playing on a team comes with much more responsibility than just running practices and games. It’s a lot of organization, a lot of information, and all too often, a lot of headache. 
Enter TeamSnap, created by coaches and players, for coaches and players. This week’s featured product streamlines all team-related tasks into a simple, user-friendly tool, allowing you to focus on why you do all of this in the first place: the love of the game. 
It’s Simple. Not the most technical or computer-savvy person in the world? No problem. We aren’t either. But TeamSnap is incredibly intuitive. Once you create an account, the site walks you through a few easy steps to create your team’s profile. From there, you can edit rosters and contact information, load practice and game schedules, share photos and current statistics, quickly see who can and can’t make the next game or team event, collect funds securely from players or parents, and even send messages to the team (free from the dreaded group text)! No folders full of papers to dig through, no phone calls, no fuss. 
It’s On Any Device. One of the best features of TeamSnap is that you can use it on any device. Desktops, PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones all connect easily to your team’s account. Don’t worry about downloading software or anything like that. A simple Web connection on any device gives you all of your team’s information, right at your fingertips. 
It’s Flexible. TeamSnap understands that different teams and users have different needs. That’s why they’ve set up multiple platforms for people to choose from, including a free option. Of course, as you upgrade in plan categories, you are able to access more features and functionality. For example, premium users are given unlimited bandwidth for storing and sharing photos and other documents, custom domain names on team websites, and even the ability to add team sponsor logos and links. The free version is more scaled down with basic functionality, but still allows coaches and managers to keep teams organized, connected, and on time. 
It’s Private. Team data is 100% secure through a password-protected account. This is especially important to parents of youth sports teams. Nobody can access your team account without your permission; only those invited to team profiles can access team information like player names and photos. 
It’s Fun! People play sports for a number of reasons: exercise, camaraderie, learning the importance of teamwork, and so on. But at the root of it all is the simple fact that playing sports is fun! This concept is not lost on the creators of TeamSnap. The tool itself is fun to use, and helps unify teams, players, and their surrounding communities. 
TeamSnap truly is the next evolution of organized sports. See for yourself (and give it a try!) at 
Hebburn Town may be all but relegated – but it doesn’t mean their season is over. 
Glenn Poole has revealed he was shocked to be told he couldn't play for Billericay Town because of an indefinite ban he says he knew nothing about. 
East Grinstead Town boss Simon Funnell has called for more of the same from his players as they look to build on a surprise win against previously unbeaten league leaders East Preston. 
Bury Town manager Richard Wilkins has backed Billy Clark to return stronger than ever after being ruled out of action for several months. 
Gainsborough Trinity are looking to the future by appealing to the town’s youngsters.