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Сovid Impact on Sport and Other Aspects of Life

The impact of Covid-19 on sports and several facets of life cannot be overstated. The pandemic brought with it unprecedented circumstances, ones that made for difficult working and socializing environments. For those working from home, the pandemic may have adversely affected the social aspect of life. However, the dating scene has become profoundly more discreet and safe, what with the ubiquity and ease of online dating.

Unlike sporting events, site for dating are becoming more popular because people have more free time and spend it at home during a time of total lockdown. Let’s consider what football celebrities are doing during the quarantine. Some have taken time to engage in volunteer work, while others may have more time to spend with family and friends.

To help curb the spread of Covid-19, sporting events were either canceled or postponed.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 

Aside from football (or soccer as it’s known in the USA), this year’s largest event that encountered cancellation was the Tokyo Olympics. Now rescheduled for 2021, the event attracts a global physical and virtual audience. The world waits anxiously for this event, promised to happen next year after a disappointing 2020.

  • Paralympics 

The 2020 Paralympics will now be hosted in 2021, following the restrictions of covid-19 on social events, including sports. The event brings together athletes with disabilities for safe engagement in sporting activities. It was rescheduled for August to September of 2021.

  • Football

Enter the ever-popular and never dull football world, which unprecedented as it were, experienced plenty of dullness this year, with certain events pushed to 2021. The Euro 2020 tournament boasts 24 teams and is held in 12 different nations. The event has been rescheduled for June to July of 2021.

  • World Athletics Championships 

Due to the Tokyo Games’ rescheduling to 2021, the world athletics championships have been pushed forward to 2022. The governing body announced the changes earlier in 2020, after the pandemic created postponement of all major sporting events.

  • Boston Marathon 

It was rescheduled to take place five months after its initially planned date of April 2020. However, the event was canceled, in its entirety, for the first time, since its inception 124 years ago. It was claimed that participants would instead perform virtually; how effective that would be, or was, remains to be seen.

As we dive into the rescheduling and cancellation of sports, we need always remember how fans and players alike are affected.

The Psychological Effects of Sports Cancellations for Fans and Players

  • Many sports superstars undergo intense training during breaks, which needs to be showcased on the pitch. Knowing they may have wasted months on end training and will waste more on the bench can be devastating.
  • The cancellations were based on Covid-19 restrictions, as well as testing. While teammates get tested, it creates anxiety for others, that they may also contract the disease.
  • Fans have a serious love for their sport and favorite superstars.

How football players deal with isolation during the pandemic

Like any other individual, sports stars have to find ways to avoid dealing with sports cancellations. Some of these ways include:

  • Marcus Rashford raised approximately twenty million pounds to help feed kids during school closures. It’s no secret that some children depend solely on school meals for their dietary needs. Rashford worked hand-in-hand with Fareshare to collect money and distribute food to the needy.
  • Joe Cole and his wife developed a charity organization to provide much-needed funding to the National Health Service during the pandemic.
  • Jose Mourinho contributed his time to help the elderly in Enfield, ensuring they received essentials at these tough times.
  • Andy Robertson facilitated food aid in six establishments in Glasgow. These foodbanks cater to the Glasgow community, where Andy grew up playing.
  • Frank Lampard, Chelsea manager, was noted as saying he even learned to cook during the pandemic while spending more time with family and exploring new things.

Bottom Line 

There are plenty of ways football fans and players alike were impacted in 2020, courtesy of the pandemic. They say the best way to get over personal hurdles is to help others with theirs. It is how many football players chose to spend this challenging year, turning huge setbacks into opportunities for philanthropy and self-sacrifice.

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