Jody Brown has resigned as manager of Heybridge Swifts.

Heybridge Swifts

The Bostik North club say that Brown has decided to leave despite their attempts to get him to reconsider. Brown guided Swifts to a play-off place in 2017/18, as well as runs in both the FA Cup and FA Trophy.

He leaves with the side currently 16th in the table. As part of an interview with the Daily Gazette / Essex County Standard, he said:

“Given the financial stability we had brought to the club, I had really hoped for improved resources to at least allow me to keep our overachieving squad together, but also hopefully improve it. When it wasn’t there I knew we would be pushed to progress further and when players were asking for astronomical increases as a result of their new found exposure, I had already begun to question their motives and principles.

“I recognised and appreciated the reasons for the club’s decision not to increase the budget over the summer and was completely supportive of the decision. However, in truth I wanted to step away then and had some really exciting opportunities offered to me at other clubs.

“Out of loyalty to the players and fans, but most notably Gary, Steve, and Adam Drew, I stayed.”