Burghfield Football Club have announced their intentions in finding a long-term home.

The Thames Valley Premier League club has shared the following statement:

Over the last few years, the club has grown at a rapid rate and the Burghfield FC Committee strongly believe that finding somewhere to call home is the next step on the clubs upward journey.

As it stands, we currently have teams training and playing matches at more than 10 different venues which often causes organisational issues when it comes to winter training, not to mention the substantial fees to use these facilities.

As most people will know, finding land in the surrounding area is not easy at the best of times and with a continued push from property developers to build more residential plots, we have found it increasingly difficult to secure land for us to develop on.

We are looking to develop a site which will not only be a home for us, but also somewhere that can become a facility for the local community. We have explored ideas of installing a 4G, all-weather playing surface which will be used for training for our 25+ teams. Providing state of the art facilities will not only enhance the enjoyment for our players, it also plays a big part in improving our players, including those who are currently signed onto local academy and GPS teams. We have also looked into the possibilities of renting out the facilities to others when not being used by any of our teams. We are also keen to explore the route of allowing local schools to access our facilities during the day.

As well as the 4G, all-weather pitch, we are also exploring the option of investing in a ‘main pitch’ which can be used for our older age groups on match days, including our Saturday Men’s team who are looking to keep pushing on through the leagues.

We are also keen on ensuring that we provide a clubhouse at the venue which can be used to hold clubs events, such as presentation day, along with external events, such as birthday parties or other social events.

We have held some initial discussions with local land owners and interested third parties, however, we have not had any luck so far. The increasing prices has proved a difficulty along with the availability of land.

Everyone involved with the club is doing everything that is possible to make our dreams become a reality and that is why we are now asking for your help. With help from The FA and Sport England, we are able to raise funds to develop our facilities, however, we need help obtaining land for us to develop on. If you, or anyone you know, might be able to help us or is able to offer the club advice on the next steps then it would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Keith Curtis on [email protected] for any further information.