Chorley boss Jamie Vermiglio revealed he is investing a lot of his time into helping the club and its players during the coronavirus outbreak, report the Chorley Guardian.

The global pandemic has brought the football season to a standstill, with the National League Board announcing that they do not intend to re-start the 2019-20 campaign.

The ramifications of that in terms of promotion and relegation are still unknown – with Chorley affected especially considering their position at the bottom of the table.

However, Vermiglio is less concerned about that in comparison to the financial impact halting the season has had on the club, which in turn has had a major impact on the players.

With no games to stage at Victory Park, the club’s main income stream has ended which means there may not be enough money to pay the players their wages.

“Some of the players are in a bit of a financial difficulty, with the club not being able to generate any income at the moment,” said Vermiglio.

“We are like a lot of other small businesses who are struggling at the moment.”

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