Chorley FC are hoping to show domestic violence the red card in a hard-hitting campaign at Saturday’s game against Gloucester City. 

The club is teaming up with the White Ribbon Campaign and ManKind Initiative to spread the message in football circles that violence against men and women is never acceptable.chorley

The Magpies have once again teamed up with Chorley Council, to spread awareness about the White Ribbon Campaign. As well as making a personal pledge before the game, fans are encouraged to spread the word on a local level and encourage their MPs, councillors and other public figures to raise awareness of domestic violence and support bodies who work to bring an end to violence against women.

Victory Park will also welcome the ManKind Initiative, a domestic violence charity which is at the forefront of providing support for male victims of domestic abuse. The charity wishes to highlight to professionals in Lancashire who are working for councils, the police and health service just how many males are suffering in a very similar way to females in order to ensure they address the needs of male victims and that their services are made victim friendly and are therefore gender inclusive.

Chairman Mark Brooks said: “4817 men told Lancashire Police they were a domestic abuse victim during 2015. This number sends a clear reminder to those supporting victims of domestic abuse across the county that they must provide the same support and look for the same signs as they quite rightly do for female victims. This also includes making sure relevant staff are trained to recognise and support the needs of male victims.”

Josh Vosper from Chorley FC said: “As a football club we wanted to do something to raise awareness for the ManKind Initiative. It’s something we need to do in memory of David Edwards, who sadly passed away last year, because we owe it to him. Domestic abuse against men has a stigma attached to it. People don’t take it seriously and I think we need to step up and tackle it.”

He added: “I hope Dave’s story encourages others to come forward. As a club and community we need to rally people down on Saturday and get involved with both the White Ribbon Campaign and ManKind Initiative. That will hopefully create awareness amongst our fans because everyone knew Dave. Our attitudes need to change slowly but surely. He was the most genuine bloke I’ve ever come across and is sorely missed.”

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