Solihull Moors chairman Darryl Eales believes that their fellow National League clubs should not be able to decide not to fulfil fixtures.

Giving his reaction to last Thursday’s decision to continue with the National League season, Eales has said in his latest programme notes:

“These are undoubtedly complex issues to resolve but I would like to place on the record this club’s thanks to the board of the National League in trying to look after the interests of the whole league and to finding an equitable solution. Whilst I do not necessarily agree with the board on every issue, I do not doubt the integrity and professionalism with which they try to serve the best interests of the league, in a largely no-win situation.

“For me, the root fault remains with the government in moving its position and withdrawing its support for the continuation of grant funding whilst the National League is ‘behind closed doors’. Had we known at the outset of the season that this support would be withdrawn after three months, then I don’t believe the season would have started.

“Clubs are now in the worst of all worlds and I still hope the government will reverse its position. The decision to continue the season now brings a new set of problems.

“Dover have already indicated that they will not complete the season without further financial support, and it is likely other clubs will follow. Whilst I have sympathy for this position, I do not think any club can unilaterally decide not to fulfil fixtures, and accordingly, I think there have to be proportionate penalties for such clubs.

“Otherwise, they are gaining a financial advantage in a season where there is no longer relegation, and they are also negatively impacting the integrity of the competition for the remaining clubs.”

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