Dartford joint-manager Jamie Coyle defended his right-hand man Adam Flanagan following Tuesday night’s touchline dust-up, report Kent Online.

An altercation midway through the first half against Chelmsford led to Dartford’s joint-boss Flanagan and opposition number Rod Stringer being sent off by referee Dean Hulme.

Players and staff from both teams came together in an ugly skirmish after visiting striker Rhys Murphy was tripped up by Flanagan and sent flying into the home dugout.

Coyle insisted the trip was accidental.

He said: “It was a little bit unfortunate because the ball rolled into our technical area. Adam stopped the ball and their guy has gone to kick it as well. They have collided and he fell over into the dugout.

“It was unfortunate and it flared up a little bit but it was only handbags and nothing was said or done really.”

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