The Football Committee at Dulwich Hamlet have just issued a statement (republished in full below) which highlights their growing concerns over the future of the club.

Despite the club’s hugely growing fanbase, they have found themselves in an uncomfortable position with Southwark Council refusing to rubber-stamp the plans for housing and a new stadium being put forward by the club’s owners, Meadow.

A Statement from The Football Committee
Monday, 6th November 2017

‘On the 26th of October 2017, the football committee were informed that Meadow Residential (current ground owners, and club management company as appointed by Nick McCormack) were to end their contractual obligations in regards to player payment and club finances.

We were told that as of November 1st 2017, all financial management and payments would revert back to DHFC Ltd’s majority shareholder and Director, Nick McCormack.

As a football committee, made up of fans of the club who volunteer 1000’s of hours a year to help run the club we love, we were asked to take on what we feel are untenable positions and responsibilities without detailed information on the health of the club in terms of its finances, or without a say in the management of what we see as club facilities.

We have been told that as per the terms of our license, we are entitled to net profit from match day activities (after costs have been deducted from the turnstiles and the bar). However we have no say in the management, pricing or efficiency of the match day operations, therefore our profit is dictated to us.

On the 2nd of November, we sent a large list of concerns, and urgent questions to be answered to try and make sense of the situation, that have yet to be fully addressed.

We hope that Meadow and it’s subsidiaries will be forthcoming with information ASAP, in an effort to rectify what has been a very worrying period for the football club since their planning appeal was pulled after the greendale lease appeal was lost and ending Meadow’s development plans.

We want to assure the fans, players, and all those associated with the club we will do all in our power, along with our partners at DHST and at Aspire, to secure a future for the football club that puts the community and club first.

The Football Committee – Dulwich Hamlet Football Club’


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