E-sport fans are growing in numbers by the day. Some stats even depict that this number currently matches that of NHL Hockey fans.

It is for this reason that some experts believe that e-sports will be as popular as NFL come 2017. So, will e-sport overtake popular giants like football which have reigned for quite a long time now?

The latest developments

The basis upon which e-sport is founded lies in online multiplayer gaming where 2 people are competing for a common prize. E-sport has since grown tremendously to the point that international broadcasters are taking note of what is happening. Online streaming services like Twich have also joined in solidarity to promote it. Moreover, media stations in countries like the U.S, East Asia, and Norway have also set up dedicated channels meant for airing live e-sport gaming.

A few years ago, video game players were the subject of ridicule when they secured their private space to play at their own time. If you were playing titles other than FiFA and COD, you were prone to this mass criticism. On the other hand, playing competitively in the public was something unheard of. Thankfully, this perception is changing mainly because the crowd has seen competitors making money in the excess of $1 million. They can’t ridicule it anymore.

Again, the American government has now prioritized e-sport gaming by giving players ‘’professional athletes’’ status. This is to allow players apply for visas and also participate in US tournaments.

Other motivating factors that have contributed to the growth of e-sport

Some players now take e-sport as a full time career. They are paid to compete with others, and financial rewards can be huge.

However, other than the prospects of earning by playing video games, players are drawn to video games by the fact that most of them really loved them in their childhood. This unending love for video games never dies. It’s one of the qualifications which make them the best candidates for competing in multiplayer video games.

Right now, there is a wide range of video games to play. In addition to this, these games appeal to people of all age groups. The games can be played with various difficulty settings, thus making them even more accessible than before. Sports-based games like FIFA and strategy games like Star Craft come with their e-sport scenes. As a result, this has given competitions a good appeal.

Also, unlike what happens in real sports games, e-sport has the advantage of ushering all kinds of players, whether newbies or experienced. If you are a newbie for example, you can practice at your own time without getting burdened by spectators or real opponents. But if you are experienced with a particular video game, then you simply need to horn your skills to become better at it.

E-sport video games give everyone a chance to play regardless of their physical strengths. They only require a little bit of thinking – when playing strategy video games. Otherwise, action-intense video games are all about moving the mouse and watching your opponent’s next move. But you could also play pokies at Pokies Pedia if e-sport video games are not your cup of tea.


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