FC United’s Broadhurst Park has been turned into a collection and assembly point for donations during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Northern Premier Division side’s usual community activities not possible during the shutdown, FC’s base will be a logistics hub to help the most vulnerable.

The club explain: “We are assembling and delivering free supplies on a twice weekly basis and providing telephone contact to 30 vulnerable households, who may or may not be socially isolating, but are without other support and struggling to afford or access food. To enable this, Broadhurst Park has been turned into a collection and assembly point for donations, bought items of food and other essentials, by volunteers adhering to strict guidelines of social distancing.

“These FC volunteers are offering support to combat social isolation and maintain physical and mental well-being, as well as providing vital packages of fresh food for people who can no longer afford to shop in any sense. The packs contain not only fresh fruit and veg, but fresh bakery products and also other items such as word search books, guides on exercising in the home, and advise on recipes for the provisions in the bags.

“Volunteers contact households by telephone before delivery, then leave supplies at the door and ensure that the household has received the parcel while communicating from the prescribed social distance. We are also delivering an average of five additional packages each week to emergency cases brought to us by the council, where households are suddenly at risk, such as an elderly lady whose family are all self isolating so her support network is cut off, and she cannot leave the house.”

Read more: http://www.fc-utd.co.uk/story.php?story_id=8685