After Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Tonbridge Angels, Ebbsfleet United CEO Damian Irvine took the post-match questions in the absence of manager Dennis Kutrieb, who was isolating as part of the club’s standard lockdown guidelines.

Fleet have dominated possession in numerous matches this season but haven’t always put opponents to the sword, and being more ruthless is something both the manager and now Irvine have spoken of.

“Two points which are probably consistent in the last month for us are dominating possession and dominating teams, things going well to plan in terms of what’s been worked on during the week, but that end product in terms of being ruthless and getting the ball in the net in the final third hasn’t been working, and it wasn’t working today as well.

“And that soft goal to concede 30 seconds before the half-time whistle was telling.”

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