Torquay United captain Courtney Richards has been out of action since a hamstring injury he sustained in our 1-1 draw with Barrow on August 13th.

Courtney and physio Gareth Law have been working hard to get him back into contention for selection.1024px-Torquay United FC.svg1

“My injury occurred in a freakish way. It wasn’t the usual way of pulling a hamstring. It wasn’t a case of over-stretching or accelerating and putting too much load on the hamstring. I was upended in the air and it went” said Courtney.

United physio Gareth Law picks up the story on Courtney’s rehabilitation and way back into training.

“The initial phase, the acute phase, you are looking to reduce the bleeding, reduce the inflammation within the area. That’s within the first 48 to 72 hours.

“After that you are looking to increase the range you can get within the muscle without forcing it, and trying to increase the strength back to normal levels. That can be done in a number of ways. That can be done through body weight, and through resistance using weight machines.

Richards participated in training today and is eager to get back into 1st team action. When that will be is down to his recovery and physio Gareth Law.

“Training was good. It was great to be back out with the boys” said Courtney.

“Everybody looked hungry; everybody looked like they were ready to work hard. We know the secret is to work harder. It is easy saying it, but putting it into practice is the difficult bit. Everyone has the bit between their teeth and is trying to bounce back from the two defeats we’ve had. One of them we were very unfortunate to be inflicted on us.”


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