Billy Heath has said that the FC Halifax Town performance in a friendly win at Brighouse Town was superb “after the first ten minutes”.

The match ended in a resounding 8-1 victory to the visitors as Heath got to grips with the team for his first match in charge.

“The first ten minutes we were going from back to front too quickly” he said. “We started off with Denton and Burrow up front and I think we fell into a little bit of a trap of going back to front too quickly.

But after the first ten minutes we got it down, we played some good stuff, we mixed it a fchtlot, we played long, we played short, we got balls into the box. But I think the main thing that pleased me was off the ball, obviously trying to press the football like this is what we’re going to play and after the first ten or fifteen minutes I thought everybody was superb.”

“We just wanted to start the first game here, I decided weeks ago we were going to play 4-4-2. On Monday we might start switching it, we might go 4-3-3. But no we did everything that was asked, all the players did.

First half, second half, again were just really good. We mixed the play up, got lots of crosses in, got the ball high up the park and got the goals.”

Once they started the goals came in thick and fast. In the first half Jordan Burrow grabbed a brace before Connor Hughes finished from outside the box, then a fresh eleven came on and youngsters Elliott Harrison and Shiraz Khan both netted, as did trialist, and former Shayman, Jamie Jackson. Richard Peniket rounded off the result two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Heath spoke enthusiastically about all the players. He stated: “I think it’s massively important for all three of the strikers (to get on the scoresheet).

Obviously they (Richard Peniket and Jordan Burrow) both got a pair and then Dents played his part. It’s important but I’m not too concerned with Jordan the way it petered out in the second half of the season because the supply line wasn’t there and we can go into that forever.

But it’s always nice to get your strikers on the scoresheet and I think Richard played extremely well second half.”

“I thought the young boys and obviously the older ones, Kevin Roberts, Nathan Hotte, were superb. Jordan Sinnott made it look very very easy at times. Obviously a good performance and I think all the players were superb.”

“It’s obviously important to give opportunities to the young boys because they can play and they’re good players. It is a massive part that there’s a pathway from the youth side to join in with the first team.

I think they’ve really really enjoyed it and the first team players have embraced them and they’ve embraced the way the first team are. I think they’ve made it seamless for them coming in.

In the second half a lot of the younger ones played but I think all of them were fantastic. I think young Isaac was really really good, he had a good 45 minutes.”

Heath also briefly eluded to the future of trialist Jamie Jackson: “Jamie knows the situation, we said he could come in pre-season, he’d probably play a couple of games then we’d probably make a decision after Monday’s game at Worksop.

Jamie’s a fantastic lad and Jamie knows the situation and that’s where we’re at, at the minute.”

Speaking about one of his signings, and one of the biggest impact players in the second half, Matty Kosylo, Heath said: “He made a lot of good choices, he can go past people at times when the game gets stretched.

Obviously in the last 20 minutes the game got very stretched and he went past people effortlessly. And he laid on one for Richard Peniket and it looked very simple but it wasn’t. He made the right choices. Again he had a good 45 minutes.”

“Connor Hughes, I think first half, was the best player on the pitch in everything that he did and I think his finish was outstanding.”

“I thought everybody played their part. Every single one of them.”

“The main thing what we’re looking for is their attitude. Everybody can play against you but it’s the attitude today and that’s what I was looking for mainly. All the players know they’re got competition and all the players know there is somebody there to compete for a shirt.

But they’re not individuals, they still kept that team ethic, that togetherness, and that can only bode well.”

“Yes there are going to be bigger difficulties but for the first preseason game, except for the first ten minutes, it was very very good.”


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