Hereford Times report that the agent of Hereford FC defender Jordan Cullinane-Liburd has criticised those running the Edgar Street club.

Matthew Halford wrote a letter to the Hereford Times in which he attacks the board for a lack of investment in the playing budget.

Claiming that ‘confidence can manifest itself into arrogance and arrogance can delude’, Halford believes this led to a thinking that ‘consecutive promotions are sustainable going into new leagues without having to increase budgets’.

“While fans and players are best placed to feel confident, at board level, there should be due diligence conducted at all times,” he said.

“It is clear that the board have been overwhelmingly arrogant and somewhat disrespectful to the National League North, in thinking Hereford would find success without having to equip the manager with the necessary tools to cope in such a league.”

Halford criticised the board’s dismissal of Peter Beadle who had “spearheaded” the Bulls to consecutive promotions.

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