Maidstone United chief executive Bill Williams has been giving his reaction to yesterday’s news of a partial return of fans to games.

Williams said as part of his update to supporters:

“Maidstone went into lockdown under Tier 1 but sources suggest we might exit it in Tier 2 because of the increasing cases locally, particularly in our neighbouring borough of Swale. Whether at Tier 1 or 2, it could allow us to open our gates to near average attendance levels. I didn’t think I’d be saying that this season.

“I should at this point sound a note of caution. It won’t be a return to business as usual.

“Until such time as a vaccine has been approved and administered to a sufficient percentage of the population, there will still be the need to wear face coverings, sanitise our hands regularly and keep a social distance. Having said that, I am sure, in fact I know, you’ll all be on board with those measures if it gets you back in your seat or on the terraces.”

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