A Barrow supporter for 50 years, retired salesman Sid Blain has been appointed to the Barrow AFC board – and he has never lived anywhere near the Furness area.

He started his affinity with the club in his teens when living in the Manchester area “because I liked the name.”

Currently he lives a two-hour drive away in Cheshire but he has always volunteered for duties with the Cumbrian club and for many years has been the host for visiting directors/guests and the welcoming face of the Bluebirds. Strangely it could be said that more visiting club officials know Sid is associated with Barrow than the clubs’ own supporters.

He has undertaken scouting duties for Barrow and in their early non-League days he helped manager Peter Kane recruit players from the Manchester area.

In the past close season, he was key in negotiating the deal that sees the Barrow players train at the excellent Hopwood Hall College facilities near Rochdale.

He is currently a member of the National League U-19 Youth Alliance Committee, he has been on the management committee of the North-west Counties League and is a former press officer of the Northern Premier League.

Chairman Paul Casson, in announcing the appointment, stated he felt Sid deserved some recognition of the many years of unselfish service devoted to the club. This was therefore a tangible way to say thank you.

The appointment is subject to formal FA approval before Sid is able to take his seat at the boardroom table.

Source: www.footballconference.co.uk

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