Lincoln City FC has invited their Gibraltarian namesakes to the city to celebrate their shock victory over Celtic in a Champions League qualifier.

Lincoln Red Imps, whose players include a fireman, a policeman and a taxi driver, beat the Scottish Premiership side 1-0 on city

The tie will be decided in the second leg at Celtic Park next Wednesday.

Team officials in Lincoln said it would be “wonderful” for the team to visit on their way home from Scotland.

The Gibraltarian team changed its name from the Blue Batons to the Lincoln Red Imps after a former Lincoln director sponsored them.

Lincoln City FC play in the National League and are nicknamed the Imps. Club director Roger Bates said their namesake’s victory was “an amazing achievement”.

He said: “It is quite an amazing story – I don’t think anyone expected it.

“Some people seemed to think we’d beaten Celtic last night, which would have been wonderful, but no, it wasn’t us.”
What’s in a name?

Reg Brealey, a former Lincoln City director, met the Gibraltarian side while on holiday in the 1970s

He decided to sponsor the side and paid for new kit

The team was re-named Lincoln Red Imps after Lincoln City as part of the deal

He added: “We’ve had the association for 40 years without coming together, so it would be wonderful if they could pay us a visit.”


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