Litherland REMYCA have announced plans to give the local community ownership of the club.

The move comes following the club’s successful application to The Hive business support Litherland REMYCAprogramme, which offers assistance to people wanting to start or grow co-operative or community enterprises, and provides a national business support programme for new and existing co-operatively run organisations.

The club has always focused not just on the game but also on the social good football can bring to people, from health and well-being to education and employment, and now plans to embed this by giving local people – not just the players, families and fans but the wider community too – a stake in the organisation by becoming a co-operative that is owned and run by them together.

The approach has been successfully used by a range or organisations, from sports clubs to shops and historic buildings, to give local people a say and an opportunity to invest in important assets in their area.

Their application to The Hive will match the club with an adviser who can help them make community ownership a reality.

Don Rimmer, Chairman of Litherland REMYCA FC, said:

“The support by The Hive will provide the professional expertise and guidance to manage the transition of our club to become a community owned grassroots football club.”

“We have a clear vision to extend our role, broaden our activities and add social value to what we do. The concept of wider open membership provides a democratic model through which people have a stake in how the club is organised and develops.

“It also has the potential to increase membership offers the prospect of financial sustainability, giving real security for the long term future of the club.”

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said:

“Litherland is an inspiring example of a community based football club. Already a successful club, it has a clear vision of how it can give local people a stake in the club’s activities and future.

“The Hive – which offers support to the UK’s 7,000 co-operatives – will give Litherland expert advice to help make this a reality.”


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