In light of an article published on the York Press website yesterday evening, York City Football Club Chairman, Jason McGill has released the following message to clarify comments relating to his interview on talkSPORT earlier in the day.

“Having been asked why I went public with the decision about Jackie McNamara’s future ycfcon the Jim White show, I mentioned the two separate factors of the understandable pressure coming from the supporters, and the different issue of what I feel to be a personal campaign against Jackie in the local media as reasons for our joint statement.

“I would like to clarify that never, at any point, did I criticise or diminish the views of our supporters as has been mischievously construed by a subsequent article in the York Press. The claim that I have ‘taken a swipe at supporters’ is a misrepresentation of my words in the interview.

“I would like to place on record, and make absolutely clear, how much I value our fans who follow this Football Club through thick and thin, through good times and bad. I have the utmost respect for the supporters and it is often forgotten that I am also a lifelong York City fan and feel their pain just as keenly as anyone.

“I try to operate York City in the best interests of this Football Club, the best interests of the fans who pay their hard earned money and give their valuable time to us, and in the best interests of the whole community of York and the surrounding area.

“I am extremely disappointed that anyone would try to imply that I have belittled our fans in any way and, as a result, feel that it is important to redress the balance on this important issue. The relationship between the Football Club and our supporters is of prime importance to me, to my staff, and to everyone who represents this Club.”


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