Former Nuneaton Town frontman Louis Moult spoke to about his time playing for the club and the impact it had on his career.

“It’s definitely helped me. I’ve said it many a time, it made me the person I am today. It grounded me, it made me work harder for my money and it genuinely made me appreciate what I’ve got in life, that little bit more. Because I’ve seen the other end of it. Not earning great money, minimum wage, part time, from being a professional footballer at Stoke, previously. I went from one end to the other, but I like to think I’m making the right strides now to try and play at a good level, which I believe I am at the minute.”

“In terms of playing for Nuneaton, it was brilliant for me. To play every week and get my fitness up, and to make a name for myself. I was at Northampton i didn’t really play.”

“It was important, I think I was 20/21 at the time, to go and get games, and I’m forever grateful for that.”

The now Motherwell forward and recently named SPL Player of the Month for September, recognises the importance of his footballing education.

“I follow them on twitter or I have a look on SKY, I’m always trying to look out for the results. I always look out for Nuneaton and Wrexham, I had good times at both football clubs and they were very good to me.”

“I always say to a younger lad, if they’re not playing then go out and try and play. I remember when I was in that situation at Northamton and I wasn’t playing. I was desperate to go out on loan, I remember it was the choice between going to telford and Nuneaton, I chose Nuneaton.”

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