Havant & Waterlooville manager Paul Doswell has called for greater regionalisation of divisions to help clubs.

Former Sutton United boss Doswell believes it is a sensible way forward to help alleviate various and unrealistic obstacles facing clubs down the divisions.

He tweeted: “Now is the time for regionalised leagues. Finances should dictate this as a necessity for clubs to come back strong and healthier from this abyss.

“Local derbies, bigger crowds, no ridiculous travel costs. Can we hope the football administrators have a clear vision to help clubs?”

He added: “Either EFL to merge with NL (National League) to create EFL 2 South and North. NLN (National League North) and NLS (National League South) merge with Step 3 and so on.

“Or more likely NL 12 southern-based clubs with NLS 12 highest-placed teams to create a NL South Premier and NL Northern Premier. This principle follows down the pyramid, offering immediate promotions to all those clubs in Step 3-6 that lost out so badly over the last two seasons.

“Local derbies, bigger crowds, bigger secondary income, minimal travel costs, competitive leagues. We are living in a different world.”

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