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Whenever there is a football match, some spectators do not fail to ‘coach’ the players and point out everything they are doing wrong, but the issue is, that playing and watching football are two different activities, but they are not mutually exclusive. Let’s go more into detail about the two and see how they affect or contribute to the game of football..


What Does Watching Football Do For You?


Sometimes watching a match that you are passionate about can be nerve-wracking, so is it essential to watch? Whether you are viewing it alone or with a group of people, it comes with some merits.

  1. You get to build relationships with the people you are watching with, allowing you to communicate, express yourself.
  2. You learn from other people’s views.

Furthermore, experts say that watching football makes you smarter by enhancing your brain functionality and thinking ability, especially if you have money riding on a match and you’re watching your early payout offer. This is not surprising because, as you are watching, all kinds of analyses are being processed by the brain, and you are actively using it, also, some say that watching football helps to reduce depression due to the excitement that comes with the game.


Watching with people also eliminates the chances of isolation, hence providing a conducive environment to make a happier individual and been attributed to developing self-esteem due to the feeling of belonging that comes with supporting a team. Your confidence level also gets a boost from being a part of a community that shares common interests.


What Does Playing Football Do For You?


Most of the benefits that come with playing the sport involve improvement in the physical aspect, for example, playing is known to reduce body fat and tone the muscles as well as improve cardiovascular health. The constant running, walking, and jogging will leave you with stronger bones and a steadier body. You will also experience enhanced aerobic capacity, since running for 60 minutes (in the case of American football, or 90 minutes in soccer) requires some amount of stamina, while your coordination becomes better from engaging in activities like dribbling, passing and turning. Your brain becomes sharper and your concentration, self-discipline, and persistence are improved.

Aside from these physical benefits, you will pick up some soft skills as well from playing the game and you learn teamwork and sharing, which is useful when it comes to human relations.


Playing and Watching, Which Is Better?


Both watching and playing can be beneficial for you and it is hard to say that one is better than the other. Apart from the physical benefits that come with playing everything else is basically the same, so, if you are not physically equipped to play, you can still watch and enjoy the game.

Football is known as the game that brings people together, and whether you are playing or watching, you experience the sense of community. Both players and watchers alike get their satisfaction in one way or the other, and everybody is happy at the end of the day.

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