Saturday 7th October is Non League Day 2017 and for the sixth successive year, Poole Town FC have an away game at Oxford City. In addition to Oxford’s plans, Mav Kopczeski and Alan Young are cycling from Poole to Oxford to help raise money for Luke Roberts’ Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) operation.

The route can be viewed HERE.

Poole Town Chairman Chris Reeves has issued the second in his series of Blogs and it details the enormity of the task. It was Mav’s idea but he now has full support from the club, as you will read.


As you will all know Mav Kopczeski from the Club’s commercial department is going to be cycling from Poole to Oxford City’s ground on Saturday the 7th October to raise funds to pay for Luke Roberts’ cruciate ligament operation. I want you all to stop and think about the size of that task. It is impossible to imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing that you are going to be riding 100 miles for the benefit of someone else!

I am just so taken aback by what Mav has agreed to do and I urge everyone reading this to focus on the enormity of the task. Happily another of our loyal band of supporters Alan Young has agreed to share the burden of the ride with Mav and my Vice Chairman Nick Spetch and Rob Bayston have agreed to drive a support vehicle to ensure that nothing untoward comes of either of our valiant cyclists.

Mav and Alan are hoping to arrive at Oxford City at the same time as the players’ coach. There will hopefully be some coordination so that the coach arrives with a view to the players and supporters on the coach being able to greet Mav and Alan upon their triumphant arrival at the ground.

Sadly, I am afraid that I will not be able to be there due to a family commitment in London which is just impossible for me to rearrange. My earnest hope is that there will be a huge Poole Town welcome to our two heroes and that their efforts will be rewarded by a handsome level of support through the Just Giving page as per the link below.

This is a super human effort in terms of demonstration of support for the Football Club in general but obviously for Luke Roberts in particular.

Overnight I feel that both Mav and Alan have rendered themselves into the category of “Poole Town Legends”!

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