Poole Town chairman Chris Reeves has launched a JustGiving appeal for £15,000.

The Dolphins have had just one home league game since the end of September and face a cashflow problem.

Reeves’ statement reads:

“The relentless rain day after day, coupled with the well-documented drainage issues at the ground, have denied us yet another home game. Quite apart from the obvious playing issues the financial significance of getting to Christmas and only having played five league games at home is crippling.

“We have been working towards matchday revenue being allocated to meet our outgoings only to find that revenue doesn’t come for two months now. No business can survive if each time it is on the verge of generating income the means of securing that income is denied.

“Bluntly, we are suffering from a cash flow desert and we need help! We have held back from starting a crowdfunding page but the time has now come!

“I am confident that the stark financial reality of all the postponements will be self-evident and that all the people of Poole that value what we do will appreciate that we need their support to get through this difficult time.”

Here is the club’s crowdfunding page