Hampton & Richmond Borough manager Alan Dowson is convinced the special atmosphere the Beveree can generate was back on Tuesday night after a subdued start to the season.

The players and coaching staff left the field to ringing applause after a stirring comeback against Chelmsford City and Dowson noted: “This was more like it. The whole place had a buzz about it and the players noticed it, too.”

It has not been the easiest start to the campaign, with games against seven of the top nine teams and a much-changed squad as Dowson works towards fielding his best combination.

However, the Beavers have shown their battling qualities as they first dug in for a point with ten-men against Dartford and then pinned back leaders Chelmsford after conceding an early goal.

Dowson said: “It’s the players who get all the attention, but what struck me about the evening was the incredible amount of work put in by our volunteers, to make sure it went so smoothly.

“It’s one of the great strengths of this club that we have so many people who go to so much effort to ensure visitors have a great experience.

“I don’t usually pick out any particular person, but it struck me, as I was leaving at 11pm, that our stand-in groundsman Bill Glassup was still there tidying up. I know he’d been at the ground since 8am, making sure the pitch was in good order, and he was still there 15 hours later.

“It’s not even his usual job because he’s filling in for Jason, our regular groundsman, who is on holiday.

“Bill’s also been working in the laundry room, covering for James, his son, who’s not well at the moment.

“He sums up everything that’s great about this club. I was so proud of everyone that I wanted to let everyone know how much it’s appreciated”.

Source: www.thenationalleague.org.uk

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