City of Liverpool have taken delivery of a new defribrillator, thanks to the fund raising efforts of one of their supporters.

Club Member Peter Knowles recently began a crowdfunding appeal for a defribrillator after an incident involving the father of one of his lifelong friends, Ian O’ of liverpool fc

Ian’s father Sam collapsed while watching his grandson Jack playing in a pre-season match at Nelson, and had to be treated by Nelson player Kevin Brown and manager Phil Eastwood until paramedics arrived.

The incident sparked Peter into raising money to buy a defibrillator for the Purples, and having completed the fundraising, the defibrillator was handed over to club physio Lucy Orme at the game with Bacup Borough on Saturday.

City of Liverpool media officer Martin Stewart explained:

“Off his own back, Peter set up the appeal and in a matter of a week or so had raised well over £700.

“While we were still thinking about raising another couple of hundred pounds or so, Peter just went and bought a brand new machine off his own back and turned up with it at the match at Chadderton on the opening day!!

“Hopefully the club will never have to use it, but as a result of Peter’s determination, players, staff and supporters of COLFC will always have the best help available, should the worst happen.

“Club physio Lucy Orme is a fully qualified Physiotherapist who works as such within the NHS so she is trained on using the device. In addition we have another medically qualified person on our bench in Tom Spearritt our assistant manager, and I myself hold an up to date First Aid qualification and I am due for refresher training in October of this year.

“Peter was not available to formally hand over the Defib to the club at the match against Bacup Borough, but instead Ian O’Leary was happy to stand in for his mate and present the club with the defibrillator”.


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