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Lately, it seems that people who check soccer betting odds didn’t have much to look forward to. A lot of the “Big Six” matchups from the Premier League failed in living up to people’s expectations during the season. It was simply the way things went for a while now. Manchester United and Liverpool were sadly not exceptions to this.

During the match against Liverpool, Bruno Fernandes was substituted in the 89th minute, something that infuriated the midfielder. However, the situation did not affect the title edge of Man Utd.

Bruno Fernandes Being Substituted

Bruno Fernandes didn’t like the fact that he had to be substituted in the 89th minute of the game. Everyone knows that he is very competitive, and he doesn’t play around when he’s into the game. It’s thanks to him that Man Utd can go to the end during matches.

But this time, the match finished 0-0. Luckily for Manchester, this result had a higher benefit for them compared to Liverpool. This is because this outcome made it possible for the team to maintain their three-point advantage at the Premier League table top.

Solskjaer acknowledged that Fernandes is tiring and that he should be under management when it comes to his minutes. According to him, substituting the player was a tactical decision, as the midfielder has been running in all his games since he joined the team. More than that, he thought that getting Mason Greenwood on would offer them a chance, as he tends to find a solution in the last minute and score a goal when least expected.

Man Utd Keep Their Advantage

Since the match finished 0-0, Manchester Utd might be the winners of the league. They were able to keep the three-point advantage over their rivals. The match was not as exciting as fans expected, as it didn’t have anything too spectacular going on. Still, they got very close to putting an end to the four-year unbeaten home league run of Liverpool.

Solskjaer is happy to see that there was at least some progress made since the last time. There should still be a visible improvement, though, as people want to see something spectacular.

Man Utd are leaving this feeling like what they did was enough to be able to move six points ahead of their rivals. Of course, that doesn’t change the disappointment that occurred. If the title race stays as tight, then things will not change too much either.

Manchester United have yet to win against any of the ‘Big Six’ sides during this season. If the team wants to show that they are serious and they deserve to become the champions of the league, then they might have no choice but to win every reverse fixture. Of course, that isn’t going to be a piece of cake. At the end of January, they will go to Arsenal, where they will play against two of the bottom three teams. Then, they will have to face Liverpool again in a few days. Hopefully, the next match against Liverpool will live up to people’s expectations.