It’s fair to say that football has grown in popularity over the last two decades.

There’s a lot more money involved in the big leagues, and it means better players are coming over to the UK and teams are building squads full of superstars to battle against one another. Along with general popularity, football has also become very popular in sports betting markets.

Previously, horse racing was deemed the top market regarding how much money the industry made from it. Nowadays, football betting has taken the crown. Reports earlier this year claim that football betting is now the biggest betting market in the UK. A few years ago it was discovered that football betting equated to 70% of the trade earned in the sports betting industry.

There’s no denying that football betting has grown beyond everyone’s wildest imaginations. But, what are the reasons behind this? I’ve already mentioned one, and it’s to do with the popularity of the sport. The sport becomes more popular, more people watch it, more people want to bet on it. However, there are a few other reasons behind the growth of football betting too.

So Many Markets To Bet On
When betting, people like to look for value for money. So, betting on the outcome of a match can often provide poor value. Generally, the best teams will have poor odds, and it would take a huge risk to bet on the weaker team or a draw. Back in the day, the results were the only thing you could bet on.

Now, there are over 200 markets on some matches that you can bet on. People can wager how many corners are in a match or how many shots will be taken. You can bet on the next team to score, the first goalscorer, or even just which player will score in a match. All of these markets provide better value and make betting on football more interesting. So, it becomes more popular and more exciting for punters.

Internet & Mobile Betting
The internet has played a huge role in the growth of football betting. Before, you have to go to local bookmakers to place your bets. Now, you can do it online from the comfort of your home. The first online sportsbook opened in 1996 and the online industry has boomed since then.

You can see the infographic below, courtesy of the football betting experts at LBS. This infographic shows the online betting timeline and how prominent it now is. Then, there’s mobile betting which has brought football betting into our pockets on the move. Both of these things have made betting easier and also thrown up new markets like in-play betting.

The growth of football betting is incredible compared to where it was twenty years ago. It’s much easier to bet on football, and there are so many markets in each match. To add to this, there are probably more football leagues around the world than any other sport. Essentially, football betting doesn’t stop as there will always be a league somewhere that you can bet on. It’s a huge industry, and it will keep on growing for many years.

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