Seth Nana Twumasi says his relationship with Harry Wheeler was strained from day one after leaving Maidstone, Kent Online report.

Twumasi took Jay Saunders’ exit harder than anyone and found it difficult adapting to life under a new boss.

He suspected Wheeler didn’t rate him and knew it was time to move on when centre-back Alex Finney and central midfielder Michael Phillips were picked at right-back ahead of him.

Twumasi, who’s joined Maidenhead after two years at the Gallagher, said: “From the first day he came in I felt like the relationship wasn’t quite there. It was a little bit strained to me.

“Obviously Jay did a lot for me and it hit me hard when he left so straight away my head wasn’t quite right.

“And then when the second game came and I wasn’t in the team, I knew maybe he doesn’t rate me at all.”

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