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The popularity of sports betting has increased significantly over the years, and with more interest from the public in the betting market, comes more interest in niche markets. One of the most popular is non-league football, and for good reason – the bookmaker will often provide great prices on lower league and non-league sides, which gives the punter (you) a perfect chance at profiting.


Understanding the difference in quality

When you think about betting on football, the average bettor would usually head straight to the English Premier League markets, or another elite-level league. But since the rise in online gambling, Sportsbooks and bookmakers from around the world are now offering odds for non-league English football.

A different set of variables apply to non-league football, much more is taken into account when your favourite striker is also a plumber during the week. The majority of players outside of the youth level are semi-professional footballers and rely on two incomes, which as you can imagine, makes for some interesting fixtures across the board.

Non-league games from the Northern Premier League and Southern Premier League aren’t appealing to some, so why are so many bettors looking towards these markets to make a profit? Because the odds offer endless amounts of value and the bookmaker knows significantly less about Whitby Town or Farsley Celtic. On top of this, the fan bases and venues cater to no more than a few hundred people; this, however, does allow a much closer encounter with the games and players. Having this ease of access makes great for inside information, in 2009 residents got wind of an angry Weymouth squad and heard they were about to go on strike. With a home game coming up against Rushden and Diamonds, fans and locals bet against their Weymouth side. What do you know, a youth team was fielded and Weymouth were defeated 9-0, as the loss was still a win for most fans.

Whilst players go between their regular job and the soccer pitch, it’s obvious that funds aren’t something that non-league sides survive on. Most clubs have difficulty traveling between grounds as funds are generally low. With work commitments, this can also hinder the squad, leaving opportunities for the betting market if you can pick up on these squad absences. Fans and punters will always fall on this information before the bookmaker as their priorities don’t usually lay with non-league football.

Odds of shopping

The most important aspect of betting non-league football and any sports betting, in general, is to find the best value. Odds’ shopping is always important because different bookmakers are always offering a different set of odds if you bet on a price that has more value elsewhere; you’re throwing money away and effecting your long term investment.

Websites such as Sportsbook Review do all the hard work for you, simply by gathering the best odds and putting them all in one place. Making life easy for sports bettors.


Non-league betting markets

In most cases, bookmakers will be playing catch-up with the betting markets for the majority of non-league games. At present, the win, draw, loss (1X2) markets and correct score are usually the limited market for betting below the National League. However, you’ll notice some books capitalising on this by offering some niche markets.

Bet365, for example, is offering a huge array of markets on lower league football. Your overs and under, handicaps, correct score and bet builders are slowly becoming available.

Those who follow non-league football will have joy in sharing the juicy information on their side and will have been able to assess the situations To bet accordingly, you’d be surprised how many sharp bettors are standing in a field of 50 people, watching non-league football to stay one step ahead of the bookies.

With that said, non-league football is growing at a fast rate with clubs like Leyton Orient, Wrexham and Salford all making great profits through their dedicated fan bases. Ex-Manchester United players who own Salford also helped non-league football rise to new heights.

Betting on non-league football offers more value than most and punters should be more than willing to research into the leagues.